InnoCaption’s next innovative feature is here – Text to Speech!

Text to Speech (TTS)  will meet the needs of those with hearing loss and speech impairment. Users will be able to text what they want to say and then InnoCaption gives a voice to their text that will be heard by the other party they are talking to. This new feature will especially appeal to a younger audience who are wanting to mainstream by giving them a voice to connect to the hearing world. 

Now available in InnoCaption's new online Market Place, the iClooly Phonestand Plus for InnoCaption

Our first product being offered is the iClooly Phonestand Plus for InnoCaption. 
This product allows you to use InnoCaption from your home as a landline as well as when you are out and about. 
Your cell phone essentially becomes a phone that you can use at home with the InnoCaption App. 
It comes with a handset so that you can answer your phone as you would any other landline. 
No longer do you need multiple devices to communicate to friends and family and to connect to your world.